Monday, September 2, 2013

My reincarnation matches introduction

It seems to me that there are some things which are scientifically knowable... although my confidence that this is so becomes ever weaker as I learn about Quantum physics, given that the premise of Quantum physics is that the act of observation changes the result of an experiment.  In our normal lives it doesn't appear to work that way... most people's experience is fairly constant - hot water burns you, plates break if you drop them on a tiled floor, gravity works.  Whether you are watching or not.

As I say, there are some things which appear to be knowable and constant, like adding a mento to coke, the same thing happens over and over, it is repeatable and the result is the same.  The only way to change the result is for someone to interfere with the process... paint the mentos with nail varnish or replace coke with cold tea.

There are other things it isn't possible to know in the same way.  You can theorize about the reasons why people behave in certain ways, or why one person is helped by a medication and another is not, but it is pretty hard to iron out all the confounding factors.  Sometimes, all you can do is gather as much evidence as possible and then see whether you can explain the results.  I feel it is that way with reincarnation.

I don't know that anything in the idea of reincarnation is anti-scientific, except that it requires the transfer of consciousness from one person to another, and no one has yet been able to explain consciousness or how it works in one person, let alone how it might be transferable.  Scientists differ in their opinions about whether the brain is your personality and consciousness, or if the essence of a person resides somewhere else.

When I look at pictures of people, sometimes a name will pop into my head.  I do not know where the information comes from.  Maybe all that is happening is that I am recalling some superficial resemblance between one and another, from something I once read or saw.  I do not claim any particular expertise, and I do not have training in this.  The odd thing is... that often when I check and compare a photograph of the person whose name came into my head and the photograph of the person I was reading about, they have similar facial features.  Sometimes they seem very alike, and sometimes there is just some element of their appearance which seems similar.

I am now keeping notes when this happens, because I am trying to see a pattern, or understand how reincarnation works if it is a real thing, as I believe it is.   It seems that sometimes, people have continued with an interest they have had in a previous life, and sometimes they have done something completely dfferent.  That doesn't really help, except that it seems interesting to me when someone looks very similar AND engages in very similar activity.

I will divide up my matches into three batches, A-G, H-O, P-Z, using the surname in each case.

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