Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My reincarnation matches P-Z

I make no special claims to insight or training.  I feel for myself that reincarnation is a fact, through my experiences in this life.  I do not expect anyone else to accept that as fact.  There are a number of people working in this field at present, who use very different approaches.  Some use hypnotherapy and regression, so use their abilities to access the akashic records.  Some use mediumship.

Names pop into my head.  I do not claim to have special powers - it is possible that I am simply remembering a physical resemblence I am not aware of knowing.  But theses are links that I have not taken from other researchers, and have proposed for myself.

If reincarnation is a real phenomenon, and I am right to link these people, I hope to learn from these links.


Jim Parsons, actor, and Faranelli, (1705-1782) singer

Jim Parsons famously plays the asexual, slightly autistic physics geek Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory. 

Farinelli was the most famous castrato of his time, a singer who achieved near world fame at a time when communications took weeks to get from one town to another.

SCRIABIN, Alexander

See KENNEDY, Nigel

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