Monday, September 2, 2013


I am planning to update this page frequently, to list people involved in reincarnation research, blogs, and website resources.  I am not a programmer or website designer, and so will do this in the most basic way possible - and alphabetical list in each category and links to their websites etc.  I already have a lot of these links embedded in the articles on this blog, but wanted a place to gather them all together.

I will start another page on the site which will list cases of reincarnation identified by all researchers.  I plan to do this without commentary about whether they are right or wrong, and providing duplicate links if one person is identified as different people by different researchers.

Reincarnation researchers

Todd Murphy Website
Todd Murphy Video

Michael Newton and his life between lives regressions
Michael Newton videos

Website with details of Ian Stevenson's research
Ian Stevenson research video 

Brian Weiss Website
Brian Weiss guided meditation video
Brian Weiss Videos

TV shows

BBC programme about reincarnation

Radio shows

Coast to coast with M.J. Rose

Blogs and websites related to reincarnation

 Tsem Rimpoche's site has links to videos and a lot more

Websites including reincarnation cases

Brian Stalin's website
Walter Semkiw and Kevin Ryerson

Websites about reincarnation as a process

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