Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brian Stalin matches

I've come across a number of websites for people that Brian Stalin has matched with a past life.  Christie Bella believes she was once Queen Victoria.  The experiment with handwriting on this page is interesting.

This man was linked to Charles Crocker, who was a railway pioneer in the US.  It's a bit odd to be able to read your own obituary.

This blogger says she was Therese Tallien in the past life, and had a reading from Brian Stalin.

This page appears to compare a picture of Brian Stalin and the Count de St Germain.  It purports to be written by Dennis Peasant.

It's really hard not to assume that Brian Stalin is Dennis Peasant, Gary Se7en and Brian Stalin.  It makes me uncomfortable when people describe themselves in the third person and also state that they are considered the world's leading expert in X.  It's probably something about English reticence about blowing your own trumpet.  What I see most people do is either dismissing his conclusions out of hand or saying he is interesting.  I have yet to find *one* person independently stating that they think he is the leading expert - unless they take direct quotes from his own website....

It would be a lot more likeable to simply state his qualifications and training, rather than making wild claims to be the best in the world.  He talks about ego getting in the way... well there seems to be quite a large ego in the way here, to me.  And it muddies the water.

That being said, I do think that there is something worth investigating here.  I am experimenting with dowsing and researching the match he made for me too.


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  2. Christa Bella has never put forth that she, or Brian Stalin, thinks she is the reincarnation of Queen Victoria. Brian Stalin has put forth that she does appear to have a connection though to her eldest daughter, Empress Frederick of Prussia (often called Vicky). Is that an actual 'match'? That is a good question. One well worth asking.

    If you look deeper into his work, he also makes it clear that every reading should only be taken as a preliminary reading. Further research and deeper objectivity can bring new information that either confirms a 'match' and/or opens up a pathway for deeper insight and accuracy.

    Objectivity and discernment are the keys.

    The page with Dennis Peasant is copied, word for word...and picture for picture, directly off of Brian Stalin's web page.

    Garyse7en is Brian Stalin's youtube page, and that is the 'username' he has used for it. It is much like my 'lochmabon' username for my youtube site. If you dig deep enough, you will find Brian Stalin commenting on why he felt inclined to use that user name, along with why he decided to go by Brian Stalin for public purposes.

    Why won't he put himself out publicly as to who he really is?

    I would ask, more importantly, why should he?

    Brian Stalin has made it clear he is not here to be likeable. He doesn't want any followers either, hence why he insists on maintaining his anonymity as much as possible in this ever increasing society of overt surveillance. Though I have tried for several years now, I STILL have yet been able to meet him.

    Brian Stalin has made it very clear in his statements that he does this ONLY to get us to expand upon our self imposed limitations, enacted by ourselves, and most importantly, by others who wish to control us. You don't have to take anything he puts forth as gospel. In fact, he encourages NOT TO! All he asks you to do is: dig deeper, look closer, let go preconceptions and pay attention to the details that we are encouraged not to see.

    I am encouraged by your skepticism AND also your interest to do JUST THAT!

    If you will, this 'one' person (in the 3rd person...yes...because our biggest fault is bowing to our own 'I') will put forth that, from my years of research, Brian Stalin IS the world's foremost expert in this subject matter, who also DOES NOT use trance channeling and/or regressive hypnotic mind control methods to get you to believe him. The only others I can possibly credit to even deeper understanding are his teachers, of who I have even less knowledge or personal contact with. He has mentioned two of them in blogs though...

    AND you can feel free to quote me on that.

  3. I know who he really is. Love the Guy.

  4. Thank you for your kind reply. I look forward to study the Alfred letters. I'M a half blind pop artist who hated to sell his painted rags so was hotel clerk. Born in 1957.
    What's the cost of waking up? I mean that in a respectful way

    1. What is the cost of waking up? The cost is complete annihilation and death of the ego.

    2. Twenty years ago I had a peak experience and discovered what it was like to be both oneself and part of God. It is something that had always worried me, the idea that one could have assimilation into the consciousness of God as the ultimate aim for incarnation.

      So many of the concerns we have in daily life are due to our situation and our relationships with other people. Strip those away and a lot of the things which distinguish us are gone. Our loves and hates, the way we spend our time, what we like and dislike, many of those things are dependent on time and place and family situation. Once you take those away it is hard to see one incarnation as related to the other. But there are things which carry from one life to another, a talent for writing, fear and nervousness around people.... The difficulty is that for every person continuing to pursue a previous life's interest in cinema or social justice or penal reform, there will be another example of someone being involved in the thing they professed to hate - banker to anti-banker, peace-loving to war criminal, war criminal to pacifist.

      The peak experience showed me that you can still be conscious of an identity and be a part of God, but I think that once you agree to be a part of something so vastly bigger, loss of your identity as a discrete personality must follow in some way, and so I partly agree with you. It means letting go of who you are and surrendering to something else, but it is always a choice.

      There's a Quaker story that William Penn went to George Fox to ask him what to do. As a fashionable young man he wore a sword, but the Quakers had just become pacifists, and the two things were incompatible. The story (which may be untrue) is that Fox told him to "Wear it as long as you can". Meaning that while he thought it was right to wear the sword, he should wear it, but the moment he thought it was wrong to wear one, he should stop wearing it. I think that story can be applied to more or less anything in any situation - while you think it is the right thing, carry on, once you know it to be the wrong thing, stop. That may apply to ego and personality and an individual identity too?


    If we finally get to control our own minds, we find that it is merely our astral self making its presence known. One's Holy Guardian Angel: A fully paid up member of the Illuminati and a dear acquaintance of Aleister "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole Of The Law" Crowley. The astral self is a conceited and willfully ignorant demon that is the true owner and slave master of our past incarnations. Only when self is fully dismantled, can there be escape from all mediocrity (aptly symbolized by Nicolas Cage and his deplorable movies). BRIANSTALIN