Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Near death experiences

Some people who have had near death experiences recount receiving information about their past lives in the course of a life review. Often people who return from this type of experience will talk about having understood that time is a human concept which is only useful in the body, and that things happened in a different way once their were in spirit.

The concept of an eternal now, with everythng which has happened or will happen, happening simulataneously, is difficult to understand from a human viewpoint, and most especially our understanding of cause and effect. If people who have experienced past lives and seem to have ill effects perpetuating after them, the idea that everything is happening at once begins to be problematical. If experience all happens in the eternal now, it messes with our understanding of the way history works and what leads from one state of being to another.

People struggle to explain their experiences, and even those who go on to write books and give interviews may be defeated by the impossibility of translating a transcendant experience into words. The similarities between people experiencing a near death experience and the common elements of the experience are interesting. I'd say that they are most useful for a different viewpoint of the possibility of reincarnation, for the most part. They are very subjective experiences which are difficult to understand unless experienced first-hand, I guess.

There are an increasing number of near death experiences available on Youtube through AfterlifeTV, and through Souljourns. Those that specifically mention past lives include:
Hamish Miller (although he doesn't give any detail in this video);
Mellen Thomas Benedict (this is a long interview on Coast-to-Coast and the part about reincarnation starts 39 minutes in. I clicked right on the moment where he says one of the things he learned was reincarnation was for real, first time when I was searching for the link for you)
I'm going to add more links to this page as I find them - I have other work to do today!

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