Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Psychics and channels

Many people are sceptical of information produced by psychics and channels. There is indisputably a large crowd of charlatans queuing up to denude people of their money, although I believe that there is such a thing as a psychic. Channelling is even more dubious to the general public, not only does it appear to be rather a psychologically dangerous pasttime, opening yourself up to some other entity to use your body and mind, but it also seems very open to abuse and deceit. I have read of psychological tests using a completely fabricated entity but which still generated results not unlike contact from a disembodied person.

Brian Stalin is particularly vehement that the results from psychics and channels are not to be trusted. He publishes corrections to many of the cases which are included on the Return of the Revolutionaries website, many of which have come from Kevin Ryerson, channel for Ahtun Re.

I can't say who is right, but the dispute is an interesting one, because it may reveal more than the cases do themselves. To a lay person with little experience of either channels or pendulums, it seems that both may be equally fallible. Either may be delusions and not real at all. an interesting circumstance is that generally (but not always) if I use a pendulum to dowse, it agrees with Brian Stalin. I'm not even sure myself if that counts for anything. I'd be interested to know what happens if people who are used to dowsing try it.

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