Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I have been interested in reincarnation for around twenty-five years, ever since I shook hands with a stranger and received a tumble of memories and feelings which didn't relate to my current life, but what I concluded must be a previous one. It was an odd experience, I felt very warm feelings for this stranger I had just met, and saw in my mind's eye a jumble of snapshots and moving pictures which showed my sister and I in various places and times with this man. It took me by surprise. My husband and I were at a strange pub in Harrow for a pub quiz, representing our local pub, but I couldn't concentrate on the quiz as I was trying to make sense of the impressions I had received on shaking hands with this man - trying to fit the memories and snapshots into my current life. It became clear they didn't fit at all. Since that moment, I have researched reincarnation and tried to make sense of it for myself. Is it truly the case that we live many lives? What does that mean for our current lives? How might that mechanism work? How does one life relate to another? What's the role of family history and DNA? Can we learn anything scientifically valid from the study of reincarnation? Does the rise of photography, computers, the information age, help us at all? My idea for this blog is to share information and to provide links to the sites I have found. I do not want to argue with others about the validity of reincarnation... if your life experience to date has led you to discount it, I'm happy for you to feel that I am wrong or mistaken to think it may be a real phenomenon. I don't need to persuade you. I don't *want* to persuade you. I believe that we all have our own spiritual path to follow, and that it is uniquely ours. Thus, this is my path, I am happy to agree that it may not be yours.

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