Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spontaneous memories

Like me, some people recover spontaneous memories of past lives. Mine seemed to be triggered when I shook the hand of a stranger. I wish now that I had had the courage to tll him what had happened, and to ask whether he also shared the experience. Children commonly recover memories of their past lives between two and four, but most of those who recall anything will have forgotten it by the time they start school. Many parents will not encourage memories like this, but there are some who do.

There's a lot of information online nowadays about people who claim to remember a past life:

Jeffrey Keene, a former fireman who recovered memories of a past life as General Gordon. He looks very like the General. James Leininger, who believes he was a pilot killed in the Second World War. There is a documentary about the case on youtube.

Peter Teekamp, who believes he is the reincarnation of Paul Gauguin.

I will add others to this list as I come across them.

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